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Welcome to the Coven

I have always been interested in the supernatural and witchcraft, as a child my favourite movies were The Craft and Practical Magic. I remember pretending with my girlfriends that we were"witches" and we would cast spells and pretend we were in our own secret witch coven. All just innocent fun and games, but of course being 10 year old girls we always secretly hoped those spells we cast would come to life! Fast forward 20 years, and with all the hype around the new Netflix series "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," and it being Halloween, I decided it be fun to put together a "Coven" inspired photo shoot! I'm so happy with the results and the team behind this shoot and my inner 10 year old self was jumping for joy throughout this whole process.

Thank you to everyone involved with this shoot.

Hair & Makeup: Hair By Ashley Osmond

Co Stylist: Julia York

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