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Capturing your authentic love 

I believe that love comes in all shapes and forms and I adore being able to encapsulate those feelings in an image. I often hear my couples tell me "We are awkward in front of the camera." Well, let me tell you, that I am yet to meet a couple who were 'awkward' in expressing their feelings towards one another. All it takes is a comfortable space (chosen prior), a few great prompts (from me) and some genuine love towards one another (from you) and you will be amazed at how un-awkward you will feel! I am yet to have a couple leave a session and not tell me how comfortable they felt with me and how much I helped them feel at ease in front of the camera. So whether you are newly dating, just engaged, been married for a decade or just need an excuse to get dressed up and go on a fun date together, send me a message below and let's start planning your couples session! 

Thanks! Message sent.

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