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Sophie & Aaron

Engagement sessions are so fun!

Its the perfect opportunity for couples to spend sometime in front of the lens before their wedding, get familiar with posing, enjoy each others company and just have a good time celebrating their engagement. I love photographing newly engaged couples and getting to know each other better during the shoot! It always makes for a more relaxed Wedding Day too as we have already spent time together and the couple have an idea of my shooting style. Sophie and Aaron are getting married in August and after this session I cant wait to capture their day! They were both so much fun, full of laughter, jokes and hilarious photo ideas! They also brought along their musical instruments and I was lucky enough to hear them play some pretty good tunes together.

From now on I only shoot Guitarists and Violinists who promise to serenade me during our photo sessions ;)

SPRING IS HERE! We didn't get any sunshine for this session however I did have fun creating this little double exposure to celebrate the end of winter!

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