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Booked a photo session, Now What?

So you did it! You finally booked that photo session you have been talking about doing for the last few years. You're probably super excited and also a little nervous. "What do I wear?", "What if the kids or husband don't co-operate?", "What happens if its just a big disaster?". These are probably all thoughts that have just gone through your head after booking your photo session. Not to worry! I have put together a few handy tips to help you and your family prepare for your photo session and make sure its a huge success and everyone looks super dapper. 1. Prepare the kids AND Partners When you book your session, be sure to prepare everyone who is involved. Tell the kids you have booked a session with a really FUN photographer and how excited you are about it, and its going to be a great day to hang out and have some photos taken.

If you have small children chances are they won't really understand whats happening, but just making the whole lead up seem fun and even a few bribes like ice cream afterwards is always a great idea! I recommend not bringing sweets to your session though as it can become a distraction from all the FUN you're meant to be having together. When it comes to Dads/Partners, if they are feeling a little less than thrilled, a little bribery does't hurt either... *wink, wink* 2. Choose some outfits I know for a lot of people this is the biggest worry. "What do I wear?" everyone wants to look amazing and its really easy to do, if you follow a few simple steps, it will take a lot of stress out of picking outfits.

Layers: Think layers, this is a big defining factor of 'nice' photos and 'WOW' photos. If you have boys, think t-shirt with a button up shirt and jacket over top, add a cute hat, or fedora, some jeans and adorable shoes and you have yourself a model!

Girls are the same, leggings, a cute skirt, singlet top, jacket and a some cute accessories like scarves, headbands, big chunky necklace or bracelets and your done! Co-ordinate: Keep a colour palette in mind, and choose colours which compliment each other. Rather than all matching in blue jeans and white tops (so 1998) think of your complete family as a work of art with each person complimenting the next.

If you choose yellow for example, find colours which go well together with yellow and pick certain things to accent the yellow.

Mom might be wearing a beautiful yellow dress, so find colours that compliment yellow, such as navy and grey.

Pinterest in a great way to get started with choosing colour palettes. Also go shopping and see what colours are in season. Ask your shop assistant for some ideas and let them know you have a photo shoot coming up and need outfit ideas. Chances are they will be more than happy to give you some styling tips. Shoes are important: Your whole look is only complete with a great pair of shoes. Don't forget about your feet. Stay away from old, dirty or scuffed sneakers, flip flops, work boots etc. Instead opt for a pair of cute converse, boat shoes or dress shoes for boys and strappy sandals, boots or Mary Janes for girls. What not to wear: Please! For the sanity of your photographer DO NOT show up wearing shirts with big logos or pictures, neon colours, or all matching from head to toe. 3. Day of your Photo Shoot If you are having a later photo session with kids who nap, its a good idea to adjust nap times to ensure they make it to the session without falling asleep and being grumpy during the photos.

Be sure to eat before hand (fainting is never fun) and stay hydrated. Dress for the weather, if its looking like a cold day and you planned for summer outfits, bring a jacket! Your photographer will appreciate it when it comes to editing and not having to photoshop your blue lips and goose pimples. Same goes for if its a hot day, be sure to dress appropriately and apply sunscreen before your session. When it comes to children, its best for moms and dads to NOT say things to your children like "oh thats not your actual smile, smile properly" this usually makes children feel embarrassed or uncomfortable in front of a stranger (aka the photographer) and can turn a session sour very quickly. Instead, trust your photographer to capture them. Chances are they have done this before and they know how to get those "real" smiles, it just may take some warming up. Stay Calm! Same goes for adults! Trust and listen to your photographer. They will guide you if your unsure of posing and what to do. Don't worry, we got you! The most important thing to remember is to just HAVE FUN! Real smiles are always better than forced ones, the camera doesn't lie. So just relax and enjoy the experience. Leave the hard stuff up to us! I hope this has helped ease your nerves on your next photo session!

If you would like more information on photo sessions with me, don't hesitate to get in touch Until next time


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